Beautiful and personal design with roots in Norwegian folk art


Cotton poplin Fabric with Telemark motif arranged for pillows and table placemats


Jersey women´s T-shirt norse dragon, black on oker


Inside of a small wooden bowl with colourful handpainted rosemaling in Telemark style on a dark background


Summer beach bag with top zipper and inside pockets. Colourfull rosemaling on light blue background


A circular table mat of canvas with Norwegian rosemaling decoration

Design examples

I make to order

Fabric 1

A fat quarter test print of blue rose

Fabric 2

Lengths of Hallingdal rose on a Jultide table

Fabric 3

Cotton poplin with Telemark motif arranged for pillows and table placemats

Fabric 4

Swedish linnen with old norse dragon inspired design, black on oker

Men´s T-shirt

Men´s T-shirt with norse dragon, black on brown

Ladies T-shirt

Jersey material, ladies T-shirt norse dragon design, black on oker

Lycra Longs 1

Polyester longs with norse dragon around the ankle

Lycra Longs 2

Lycra longs with high waist decorated with continuous motif in green and pink on black

Lycra Longs 3

Lycra longs with high waist, decoration ankle to knee, bright colours on black background

Beerbowl of 36,5 cm dia with floaters

Large beerbowl with floaters. Hallingdal style

Telemark style plate of 47 cm dia

A large plate with Telemark style roses on red and grey background

Pjolterskap - Schnaps cupboard 43x40 cm

43x40 cm wallmounted schnaps cupboard. Style inspired by Nils Bæra, Hallingdal 1837

Rosemaling on a Guitar

Rosemaling on a guitar. Traditional style, green, blue and burgundy on oker

Trollsize ladle 45 cm length

Beautifully handcarved and painted ladle of 45 cm

Laptop holder in neoprene material

Neoprene laptop holder with gulrose motif

Beach bag with zipper and inside pockets

Beach bag with top zipper and inside pockets. Colourful rosemaling on light blue background

Neoprene Cancoozies for temperature keeping

Neoprene Cancoozies for keeping beverage temperature

Canvas of digitally designed Telemark rose

Gulrose on canvas, printed on a very high quality HP colour printer

Poster of handpainted motif

Poster of handpainted serving tray

Canvas placemat of handpainted motif

A canvas placemat from a handpainted large plate
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